Your Vote Counts at the TTJ Awards 2020

Jun 30, 2020 | Timber Trades Journal

Every year the Timber Trades Journal recognises the Good and the Great in the British timber industry with the TTJ Awards.


For the 2nd year running the TTJ have enabled online voting for timber buyers across the woodworking world.

That means all you hardworking joiners, furniture makers, timber framers, timber construction professionals get to vote for your bests, your faves, your go-to timber suppliers.

Our timber industry is your industry too.

Make your vote count!

If our people are your best, your faves, and make us your go-to Small Timber Business and you feel they deserve your vote then please (please, please – yes we’re begging)
tell them by voting for them at this years TTJ Awards.

You will make their YEAR!

Thanks so much for reading this & for taking part.
Keep healthy and keep woodworking,
Tom & Ian at English Woodlands Timber

P.S. *A note about ‘professional email addresses’ on the voting form

We understand many of your use gmail or other generic email accounts for work but don’t let that stop you placing your vote.

We spoke to the TTJ earlier in the year and they said that if you make a note in the comments to give your name and type of business you are (joinery, furniture, construction, timber structures) then your vote should count as much as any one else’s.

The 24th annual TTJ Awards will take place on 25th September 2020. Check the TTJ website for more info.



We hope we deserve to be your Small Timber Business of the Year for 2020

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