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Who Are You Going To Vote For?

It’s time for all you timber buyers out there to put your pondering face on and pick a timber supplier (or suppliers) to vote for. Who did good? Who got you the timber you wanted, when you needed it? Who made your job easier and helped you be a better maker or builder? Who stocked amazing wood so you could make amazing wood stuff? Who would you miss if they were gone?

They call it the pedestrian combilift.

We call it the key to peace in our time. We'll admit it. Pulling timber for 127 live cutting lists at once is a challenge. When there are 7 of us in the sheds, 4 in the workshop, 2 in the yard, all of us hustling, and the sales team are to-ing, fro-ing, poking, prodding and generally cracking the whip that's when we need proper lifting kit that doesn't have the turning circle of an artic (or sound like one, or cost the same to run as an one) and let's us get in and out of the timber racks quickly, easily and safely.

Working with Northwood Forestry…

James Burnford, well respected owner of neighbouring Northwood Forestry, regretfully closed his timber business in November 2020. Since then James has been working closely with... read more

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