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JOB VACANCY: Timber Selector

The job of the Timber Selector is to know wood. To read and understand wood and to be able to pick from our stocks the absolute best timber for the every job.  Every customer requirement, whether boards-to-make or cutting lists for machining, comes through to the timber selection team.

Illustrating Timber

Meet Thomas W H Compton, illustrator & printmaker responsible for our seasonal illustrations, animations & our Tree to Timber journey prints.

Who Are You Going To Vote For?

It’s time for all you timber buyers out there to put your pondering face on and pick a timber supplier (or suppliers) to vote for. Who did good? Who got you the timber you wanted, when you needed it? Who made your job easier and helped you be a better maker or builder? Who stocked amazing wood so you could make amazing wood stuff? Who would you miss if they were gone?

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