We believe you know what you want.

And even when you think you don’t, you usually do when you see it.

That’s why we like to make our timber available for you to select in person, yourself.


Why self select?

When your designs or projects are dependent on the qualities and appearance of your timber sometimes the only way to be certain you’re getting what you need is to pull the timber yourself.

We get it.

It’s not about being fussy. It’s about being particular. And being certain. Needing specific grain pattern or matching colouring. Purposeful positioning of knots or sap line. Not to mention the feel in your hands.

In these cases being able to choose your own wood is part of your making or building process.

It’s important to us we provide that service.


How does self selection work?

Self selection works best when you pre-select your boards or beams online in a Picking List. send it through to us, and we’ll make a time to suit you for a visit or a video call. Then we’ll pull the list so you can select exactly what you need. You can take it with you or get a delivery too.

You’re welcome to bring a little spoke shave or scraper plane so you can get beyond the weathering. And we’ll make sure you have extra pairs of hands, a good floor space and some lifting kit.

So don’t stand on ceremony, get that tape measure & notepad out and start selecting for your next project, out there in the woodyard or in here online.


What if I don’t want to select myself?

Our timber selectors will pick your boards. It’s they’re ouevre, their merrier, their craft!

They need a few things from you to be able to do their best work.

First a cutting list, with either the nominal dimensions or the finished dimensions you need to make. Plus the specifics of how the wood is going to be used. They want the grade, for aesthetics but also for mechanical properties.

Use is important to know.

Different uses create different demands, even of the same species and grade. And then any other particular requirement you have, they’ll want to be aware of and to factor in to the boards they look at until they find the ones that fit your cutting list.


Which timber can I select from?

The easy answer is any of our boards and any of our beams. Waney edge, square edge. Kiln dried or air dried. Fresh sawn, semi seasoned.

It’s a simple as going to the Stocklist and click Add to Picking List. Really. It’s all yours. You can take any of it away if you want to.

It’s possible that you need something you can’t see online.

Yup, it happens sometimes 🙂

It’s true, a lot of our stock is not online.. yet. It’s stacked in-situ for long periods whilst ii’s drying or seasoning. Other material might be in the kilns. Some of it is actually on a whole other site, so it’s not easy to conjure up without time and an HGV or two.

So if you know you need something you think we should have but you just can’t see it don’t be shy, call us. Get in touch. We’ll see if we can hunt some down for you and get it online to pick from.

Having our timber selectors pick your boards is a service we provide and you can rely on them to do a first class job, but sometimes we know you need to come down (or get on zoom) and select timber for yourself.

We have a bespoke service for that 🙂


Can I take the timber away with me?

Of course. As long as your vehicle can take the weight and the length we’ll help you load, Bring straps with you and flags for protruding ends so we can see you off safely.


What if I need the timber cut or machined?

We can cross-cut to length any wood you want to take away with a chainsaw, no problem (and no charge). If you need wood machined, that’s great – we can take your specifications (you can even talk to production if that would help) and your wood will go into production. The leads times vary slightly depending on what machining you need – have a look on the right and pick the machining service you’d like.


Can I get the timber delivered?

Of course you can. We can deliver anything you select to wherever you need it.
Delivery is generally within 72 hours. Read all our delivery options here.


How quickly can I come to select?

For an in person selection – 1 day notice

Call or email us at least a day before you want to come and Nick or James will host you.

How an in person selection works: To visit to the woodyard to select timber in person takes us 1/2 – 1 day to set up. Wayne and Matt will need to have a ball park idea of what you want to look at, and then they’ll clear a space, commandeer a lift truck, and pull the stacks down onto a decent floor space so they’ve got room to turn boards with you.
Bring a shave, scrape or mini plane if you like to use one, wear your steel toecaps and if you have your own hiviz that’s great, if not we’ll kit you out.

For a remote selection – 1 day notice

Give us a call or email at least a day before you want to come and Nick or James will host you and steer the camera where you want it to go.

How remote selection works: To do a remote selection over Whatsapp, Teams or a platform of your choice this takes us 1/2 – 1 day to set up. Whether it’s Nick or James hosting they’ll also need Wayne and Matt to have pulled what you want to see. When they have an idea of what you want to look at, and then they’ll clear a space, commandeer a lift truck, and pull the stacks down onto a decent floor space  and then both be available to run boards for you to get a good view.

Ready to come and pick your own timber?

Call Nick and James on 01730 816941

Email the sales team on


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