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Ash versus Elm

If you’re a chair maker, a cabinetmaker or a kitchen maker you might look at these two grand dames of the hardwood timber family with their glorious grain on a grand scale and find it hard to choose between them.

Woodyard Services: We Deliver

We use couriers, trucks, lorries, pallet companies & even containers so location and distance from our woodyard are no longer obstacles to buying timber. We deliver timber nationwide and internationally. We use couriers, our own lorries, pallet companies and sometimes even containers. In this video Nick, James and Ian give you a flavour of how we can deliver your timber.

Choose Douglas Fir

Douglas Fir is homegrown, it's sourced from well managed forests, it's tough, strong and durable, it's lighter than the hardwood alternatives, it's straight and stable, it has a reliable supply chain, it's fit for purpose with a single conversion process, it doesn't require toxic treatment for external use and is low maintenance in situ.

It’s that TTJ Awards time of year

You have one month left to decide on your fave timber suppliers and place your vote for your favourite timber suppliers. Yes woodfans, your guessed it...  voting is open and already underway for the 25th anniversary Timber Trades Journal Awards and now it's up to you to do your stuff.

Turning the Oak Volume up to 80

With the price of imported softwood cladding blanks going through the roof you might find Oak cladding becomes a nice alternative to be able to offer your clients. In the last couple of months Tom & David have brought in over 80m3 of character grade Oak square edge packs.

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