It’s Your Timber Industry Too

May 29, 2020 | english hardwoods

Why should I vote in the Timber Trades Journal Awards?

Because our timber industry is your industry too.

Have your say.


The TTJ* Awards are our (that includes you!) industry’s way of recognising the best efforts of everyone involved. We try to support the TTJ and take part in our industry event even though we’re small.

You’re part of that industry too. It wouldn’t exist without all you hardworking woodworkers so it’s right that you have your say by being able to vote for who serves you best.


Who Can I Vote For?

This is the fun bit! Here’s where you make a list of all the timber companies who really make a difference, who smile when you turn up, who care to ask how things are going for you and who take the time to listen. The one’s who help you out when you really need it, who go the extra mile and who you know are really trying their best for you.


Vote for your faves, your go-to’s, your absolute BEST’s…

Small Business of the Year (that’s our category!)

Hardwood Trader of the Year

Softwood Trader of the Year

Panels Trader of the Year

Joinery Product Supplier of the Year

Structural Timber Systems Supplier of the Year

Timber Merchant of the Year

Timber Trader of the year

and let your timber supplier know you appreciate them.




Ok, So how do I vote?

Voting is open to customers who buy timber products right down the supply chain from builders, specifiers, joinery firms, furniture producers, other wood product manufacturers, structural timber fabricators, merchants, DIY retailers and distributors.

You are eligible to vote for up to two companies per category.

You do not need to vote in every category, however, once you have submitted this entry, you will be unable to alter or add to your selections.

You are also welcome to leave a brief comment as to why you have voted for the company.

For your vote to count you must supply a valid company name and professional email address*.
Voting closes on 10th July.

So there it is.

We’re off to vote for our fave timber traders, how about you?




Thanks so much for reading this & for taking part.

We hope we deserve your vote in the TTJ Awards 2020.

Stay safe and well and don’t stop woodworking,
Tom, Ian & the rest of the gang at English Woodlands Timber



Do we deserve to be your Small Timber Business of the Year 2020?



P.S. *A note about ‘professional email addresses’ on the voting form

We understand many of your use gmail or other generic email accounts for work but don’t let that stop you placing your vote.

We spoke to the TTJ earlier in the year and they said that if you make a note in the comments to give your name and type of business you are (joinery, furniture, construction, timber structures) then your vote should count as much as any one else’s.

The 24th annual TTJ Awards will take place on 25th September 2020. Check the TTJ website for more info.