Sweet Chestnut

Homegrown Sweet Chestnut is sweet alright. It’s handsome, strong & durable and didn’t you know?! ‘Round Chestnut’ is the new …

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lovely grain and colour of french oak

Oak is like no other species, used by Oak framers & builders, joiners, furniture makers, carvers, turners, garden designers & …

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elm timber sample from english woodlands timber

Elm has attractive contrasting sap is durable, strong and has incredible grain. It’s not common due to devastation of UK …

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Ash kiln dried sample from english woodlands timber

Fear not!!! Ash is here… with grain patterns to WOW in amazingly big boards of dense, smooth, delicately coloured hardwood.

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The Timber Rack’s got gnarly Elm

gnarly elm board no.1000773 for sale in the shop

This gnarly little Elm ‘lump’ is a slice taken off the log pre-milling so that the log can lay securely …

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Making The Grade – a FREE eBook on timber fundamentals

This is the timber industry’s best kept secret. If you work with wood, specify wood, design with wood or think …

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Wood Knowledge: The Sourcing & Sustainability of Elm

tom talking about the sourcing of elm logs for milling

Elm, although rare, is still available for woodworking. In this video Tom explains the sourcing process for our Elm logs …

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Air Dried Timber Cladding

When you want a smooth planed finish, an interlocking, rainscreen or moulded profile, when you want stable, seasoned timber, when …

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