Sweet Chestnut

Homegrown Sweet Chestnut is sweet alright. It’s handsome, strong & durable and didn’t you know?! ‘Round Chestnut’ is the new …

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lovely grain and colour of french oak

Oak is like no other species, used by Oak framers & builders, joiners, furniture makers, carvers, turners, garden designers & …

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elm timber sample from english woodlands timber

Elm has attractive contrasting sap is durable, strong and has incredible grain. It’s not common due to devastation of UK …

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Ash kiln dried sample from english woodlands timber

Fear not!!! Ash is here… with grain patterns to WOW in amazingly big boards of dense, smooth, delicately coloured hardwood.

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Customer Spotlight: ELK Kitchens

elk kitchens extraordinary O45 feature island

ELK (that’s Extreme Logic Kitchens) provide a genuine alternative to the status-quo. They build unique kitchen from their own concepts, …

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All About Oak Grades: Have you heard of the Goldilocks Principle?

goldilocks tasting the three bowls of porridge

We understand that sometimes it’s hard to know the right Oak grade to ask for, so we made these bitesize …

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Wood Products: A closer look at waney edge Oak

In the ‘olden days’ we used to call it through & through. Now it’s called waney edge. Or natural edge. …

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Workshop Services: The SCM 90 – a planer & sander for wide boards

jared working the scm 90 planer sander one of our workshop services for machining timber

This machine blows our minds… https://youtu.be/l06dOF_1kxQ Here’s Ian, introducing our SCM 3 head planer sander. It planes and sands wide …

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