Sweet Chestnut

Homegrown Sweet Chestnut is sweet alright. It’s handsome, strong & durable and didn’t you know?! ‘Round Chestnut’ is the new …

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lovely grain and colour of french oak

Oak is like no other species, used by Oak framers & builders, joiners, furniture makers, carvers, turners, garden designers & …

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elm timber sample from english woodlands timber

Elm has attractive contrasting sap is durable, strong and has incredible grain. It’s not common due to devastation of UK …

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Ash kiln dried sample from english woodlands timber

Fear not!!! Ash is here… with grain patterns to WOW in amazingly big boards of dense, smooth, delicately coloured hardwood.

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Character is not a defect.

Character is not a defect. It’s not something to exclude, engineer out, cut away or waste. Character is the essence …

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Illustrating Timber

thomas w h compton printmaker illustrator at work in screenprint studio washing screens

Meet Thomas W H Compton, illustrator & printmaker responsible for our seasonal illustrations, animations & our Tree to Timber journey …

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Putting the ‘seasoned’ in Structural Timber

42 air dried Oak blocks for sculptural interior architecture project palletised and ready to go to selfridges

Confused by what ‘seasoned’ means in structural Oak? You’re not alone. At EWT we use an aging formula to help …

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Should have gone to Combilift…

wayne our head timber selector moving wnaey edge elm on our electric combilift pedestrian lifttruck

Here’s a pertinent question for all you wood-wielding folk, ‘what do you do when you run out of space?’ Now …

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