Timber Sourcing & Certification

Our certified timber is your assurance of 100% legal and sustainable sourcing.

Timber from well managed woodlands is a natural, renewable raw material.

The forest environment is a natural ecological habitat and a carbon sink, filtering CO2 from the air and absorbing it into the biomass of the trees, under-story, plants and soil.

Choosing certified timber for building work, furniture making or joinery actively negates environmental problems such as climate change, ecosystem destruction and landscape deterioration caused by deforestation.

We source and supply timber certified by 2 different certifying bodies, Grown in Britain (GiB) and Programme for the Endorement of Forest Certification (PEFC).

GiB certifies our homegrown timber supply chain. PEFC certifies our timber sourced from the European supply chain.

We are audited annually on our supply chain and our chain-of-custody of ‘legal and sustainable’ timber for both licenses.

Your timber supply begins with the trees. The timber we buy comes from trees felled as part of the holistic management of woodlands, to support the health of standing trees, soil, water courses, bio-diversity and wildflife.

Our Chain of Customer Certificates

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