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119 First Cuts of Burr Elm

When we put a log on the bandsaw there’s always a decision  to make about what the first cut will be. This first piece sawn for purely practical reasons, making a flat surface for the rest of the log to sit on the dogs* safely and securely without rolling around.


We are bound by the laws of sawmilling to think about how our customers will use the wood from the logs we saw so we make our choice based on the best possible use of the log and sadly, that requires a sacrifice.

Decisions, decisions.

Will it be best as 41 or 65 mm for joinery use or should it be 54mm for worktops and table tops?

Tom studies the logs, often whilst they’re still standing, in fact even better if they’re still standing because he can see how they’d stood, get the soil in his hands, check the direction of weather and the gradient of the land.

So he makes his decisions. There’s always a sacrifice. These ‘sacrifices’ are what you see before you.

The extraordinary, never to be repeated, once in a lifetime, first cuts.

Elm burr bundle waiting for sticking burr elm first cut boards seasoning Burry elm first cut boards elm first cuts back from the sawmill burry elm boards waiting for stickI Elm bur bundle waiting for stickin in the air dried yard elm first cut boards seasinging Elm Burrs elm furst cuts


Your Vote Counts at the TTJ Awards 2019

The folks at Timber Trades Journal go all out audacious to make Your Vote Count at the 2019 TTJ Awards!



Voting is power. This week of all weeks that message is being brought home to us. It’s your opportunity to be heard, to contribute, to be responsible. It’s the power to change something and it’s yours. What happens when you vote? People hear you, they listen, they respond.


For the first time ever in a truly audacious move the Timber Trades Journal are handing over power to YOU, the buyers of timber, the workers of wood, the ones who really know what’s what, by simply enabling online voting in this year’s Timber Industry Awards.


the TTJ awards 2019 logo

You probably haven’t come across them before because you’re busy creating things with wood and running around making your business work but the TTJ is an industry journal and the TTJ Awards are a moment in the calendar when the timber industry celebrates the year’s movers and shakers, the great and the good, the big and the small, the upstanding and the outstanding.

It’s an acknowledgement of innovation, of creativity, of exemplary business practice and the downright hard work all going on behind the scenes to develop our UK timber industry.


just take me to the TTJ Awards voting (more…)

Work With Us!

VACANCIES: Timber Machinist/Timber Selector

Become a key member of our timber team working with high quality
timber for furniture designers and makers, joiners and carpenters,
timber framers, building companies and timber merchants.
Based in glorious Cocking, West Sussex in the South Downs National

Key Tasks;

To work flexibly and safely in the various timber yard environment depending on operation need.
• To work with the Operations Manager to process and produce
customer orders.
• To be able to work flexibly and safely in the various timber mill
environments;woodshed, workshop, outdoor yard
• To assist customers with the selection of timber and to produce
the accompanying paperwork
• To learn and implement stock transaction processes.
• To build and maintain customer relationships in line with our
company sales strategy

Skill we are looking for;
• Knowledge and experience of timber, hardwoods ideally
• Woodworking machinery experience, edges and moulders
• C1 Driving License for 8.5t lorry desirable but not essential
• Counterbalance Forklift training & certificate
• Computer literacy desirable
• Good with people

Salary: negotiable
If you would like to apply please send your CV & a letter telling us
about you and why you are right for this role to:
For more information call Ian on 01730 816941
Deadline for application: 5pm Wednesday 17th April 2019

Oak – Beyond Prime there is Super Prime

Super Prime is a term that indicates a grade ‘above’ Prime.

In truth, technically Super Prime hasn’t been documented or normalised as a timber grade in the UK and isn’t a scientifically recognised term. It’s a description we use of a grade that goes above and beyond normal Prime Oak timber qualities and requirements.

What to expect:

Super Prime is a selection of the most pristine, most clear and evenly honey coloured, usually Eastern European, Prime Oak you will ever see. I think we’ve called it ‘relentlessly clean’ before and that about sums it up.

Knots aren’t strictly excluded but if you see one it’ll be small and only visible on one face. The other face will undoubtedly be clear. In Super Prime Oak there will not be a lot of grain pattern. There will not be a lot of variation of anything. No dark colouring, bark pockets, wild grain, splits, cracks or shakes. A higher proportion of Quarter Sawn boards. There may be a lot of very flat, very straight boards.

Suggested uses:

If you have a large run of Oak doors and you need them all to look and behave the same, use Super Prime. A quiet, understated solid wood for an interior surface use Super Prime. Simple elegance with embodied strength and durability for a feature staircase use Super Prime.

Although it’s a little hard for us to admit,  Super Prime Oak has superior qualities that cannot be replicated by other grades or timber species. For this we are grateful as it is a pleasure to work with, a pleasure to select from and a thrill to see it in situ in a customer project.

Our Stocks:

Our packs are stocked in thicknesses of 27, 32, 40, 50, 65, 80 and 100mm. They are usually mixed width and mixed length but this is dependent on stocks at the time of enquiry! Boards can be self-selected both individually or in bulk.

Burr Oak – Tree to board to….tree?!

Burr Oak always offers an abundance of extravagant swirls and cats paw clusters of small pin knots. Our latest batch of Burr Oak has an even more unique feature… They look like a tree! When the doors of our most recent kiln opened we uncovered an abundance of Pippy Oak Boules. Below is our favourite boards from the kiln!

Burr Oak

These striking boards of English Oak feature clusters of heavy pip which have dramatically altered the shape and profile of the wood. The unique outline of the boards here evoke the tall silhouettes of a group of Cypress trees, trees within trees.

Burr Oak

A full boule of Burr Oak


We have even given one of these boards the Hillgrove Timber treatment, here is a sneak peak straight from our new planer/ sander!!

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