Our People: Graham Oliver

An archetypal outdoors-man with the greenest fingers on the block.

Graham has been part of our English Woodlands Timber team for going on 17 years.

He joined us in 2003 after a successful career in farming. How successful you ask? Well, in 2002 he was awarded the DEFRA Cup for producing the best marrowfat peas in the UK! (more…)

Customer Spotlight: Green Oak Building Co

Meet Green Oak Building Co…

Who are they, and what do they do?

James Brown is a carpenter by trade, who discovered his passion for traditional construction techniques through his apprenticeship in oak framing. When he founded The Green Oak Building Company, he pledged to build exclusively using green oak timber framed structures, to ensure the continued creation of unique heritage buildings and extensions.


Customer Spotlight: Simon Thomas Pirie

Meet Simon Thomas Pirie…

Multi Award winning craft furniture maker renowned for contemporary bespoke furniture, luxury kitchens and architectural design projects. Simon, John & team have created commissioned pieces for both landscape and interior spaces – from places of worship, museums and universities, to purely sculptural installations.

simon thomas pirie bespoke handmade kitchens and furniture craft furniture maker

About Us: Our Lean Journey – Everyday LEAN

Our owner and director, Ian McNally introduces our LEAN journey and they way we are building on Lean thinking in our business.

Ian talks about how we’re working on a 3 year plan to change our thinking, the way we work and ultimately our business to reduce waste, to increase efficiency and to be better across the board for our customers.


Gemma Jones of Spark Improvement is our Lean ‘guru’ and lean business coach – visit Gemma’s website

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Customer Spotlight: Gaze Burvill

Meet Gaze Burvill

Simon Burvill and Christian Gaze strive to solve the challenges of building for the outdoors, drawing on experience gained over 25 years, with elegant practical solutions and beautifully subtle details.

In 1993, Simon and Christian joined forces – and surnames – to found Gaze Burvill gathering a talented team of designers and craftsmen and establishing a set of core values which they embedded throughout the business. Each piece of Gaze Burvill furniture, and their outdoor kitchens, would be built for lasting performance outdoors, and would always be designed with a focus on beauty and sophistication. It would be practical, and extremely comfortable.

The team at Gaze Burvill work extremely hard to ensure that their furniture not only performs well, with particular attention to comfort, but also looks good. In 1992, Christian designed the original Court Seat design with these principles in mind, and although they now draw on other creative influences, they have never wavered from these core concepts. If a piece looks good, but doesn’t meet the team’s exacting comfort checks, it doesn’t go into production.

Gaze Burvill bespoke garden furniture (more…)

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