The Timber Rack’s got gnarly Elm

This gnarly little Elm ‘lump’ is a slice taken off the round pre-milling so that the log can lay securely on the dogs (sawmill speak).

We call them cover boards.

We keep them aside and use them to cover the main boule once it’s been cut. That way we keep the whole log intact right through the drying process.  Because they sit on the outside they usually get a beating from the weather. If they’re thin they don’t survive well. If they’re chunky like this little beast then they do brilliantly. (more…)

Making The Grade – a FREE eBook on timber fundamentals

The timber industry’s best kept secret. If you work with wood, specify wood, design with wood or think with wood you need it. Come on in and download a copy…

Making The Grade is a slim but significant wood-book written back in 2005 by two heavyweights of timber and forestry, Ivor Davies and Guy Watt.

It’s our wood bible.

Somehow (don’t ask us how) it’s stayed under the radar. (more…)

The Right Stuff: Air Dried Oak

Air dried (seasoned) timber is the right stuff for external joinery and furniture use.

air dried waney edge Oak plank for joinery and furniture making

Kiln dried timber, unless re-acclimatised* is a risk if you make furniture or joinery products for use outside.

Kilning is a process that reduces moisture to a level that makes timber appropriate and fit for use in interior spaces, centrally heated, air conditioned with low ambient moisture levels of 8-14%.


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