Collection & Delivery

Timber is big, heavy old stuff. You can’t just pick it up and put it in your manbag.

The most popular way to get timber back to the ranch is to take it away with you, but if you can’t do that then we’ve got ways and means for delivering a heavy load.

We look at each job individually, we find you the best options available and we let you make your own choice on delivery method and cost. We have our own delivery vehicles (a 7.5t curtain side lorry and a 3.5t transit pick-up truck) but we also use external haulage companies, pallet companies, courier companies and the good old Royal Mail.

Having said all that, you’re always welcome to come to the woodyard to collect your timber order… we’re not proud.


Here’s a checklist of our current Delivery Options:

Come and get it!

Courier Service
Maximum 2.2M long & 20kgs in weight

Transit pickup
For local delivery of loads up to 1t
From £30+VAT

Curtain sided for dry timber delivery in the South East, loads up to 3.5t
From £50 +VAT

HIAB Lorry
(The big crane!) for delivery in the South East of loads bigger than 3.5t

National Pallet Delivery
Determined by pallet length up to 1.2/2.4/3.6m etc load limits vary.
From £70+VAT per 1.2m length

For Online Purchases
Items bought online from the SHOP will be wrapped and packed by Ben and despatched via courier or pallet services – which ever is best – and delivered to you in 3-5 working days.


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