The Woodworkers

They’re the reason we open our doors in the morning!

The woodworkers. The woodthinkers. The people who design, who make, who craft & who build. Who bring timber to life in all it’s forms.

Take a look here at what it is they’re doing with wood…

Woodworker of the Week

JLA Joinery

Joinery Company

bluebell poolhouse adam knibb architects
Adam Knibb Architects
Aquascience ltd.bridgeoverriverLodden. wetland restoration
Aquascience Ltd
actor timber buildings
Ascot Timber Buildings
Bentley and Wolf
Bibbings & Hensby
Chair Creative
Colin Parker Furniture interior design bespoke kitchen
Colin Parker Furniture Makers & Carpenters
Creative Heritage
Creative Heritage
WWI GS wagon wheels built by croford coachbuilders
Croford Coachbuilders
dale sheppard designs
Dale Sheppard Designs Ltd
Downland Workshops
Duncan Compton
eagle promotions signage for golf courses
Eagle Promotions
elk kitchens extraordinary O45 feature island
ELK Kitchens
english barns hand drawn logo
English Barns
Fitzpatrick Woolmer
Five Oak Projects