Profile Library

Welcome to our Profile Library.

A virtual wood profiling and moulding library that matches our workshop cutter store.

Use it to choose your samples, or order your machined profiles for interior joinery, timber cladding, decking or flooring.


This is where we get creative, where your ideas turn raw wood into finished products. It’s the bit we see, we live with, we touch and hold. It’s hands and eyes on and the devil is in the detail.

Hence, the cutters that make up our profiles are kept pristine and sharp. The machine that does the work is a high quality German WEINIG moulder, built for precision and accuracy. The people that run the machine are dedicated and skilled with a deep knowledge of wood and woodworking. The workshop is a clean, organized, well-oiled machine in itself and produces excellent timber products for furniture manufacture, construction or private projects.

The following is a list* of profiles we hold for shaping and moulding timber.


Our list of timber mouldings & profiles is not exhaustive as we add new cutters every month so don’t hesitate to ask if you can’t see the profile you need. We can even create a bespoke profile for you.

If you have drawings for a new profile, sketches of your cladding project or anything else you’d like to tell us about there’s plenty of space to add notes.

Get a quote on your cutting list and specify your profile for machining..


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