Cedar of Lebanon

Cedrus libani

Walk through our air dried stockyard any day of the year and at some point you’ll pass through an incredible cloud of perfume – that’s how you know you’ve found the Cedar of Lebanon stock.

Cedar of Lebanon, light to medium brown heart with strong emanating scent. It has medium fine, straight grain but can be knotty with very large, striking integral knots.

It is a durable timber with medium moisture movement and a fairly low strength.

Cedar of lebanon can be difficult to machine and sometimes bark pockets can be troublesome. It can be painted and varnished well though. Glue, oil and polish are all ok but the high resin content prevents most treatments.

This timber has a unique perfume, grows to incredible dimensions & is a sought after by furniture makers for wardrobes & chests of drawers because the scent keeps cloth eating moths and insects at bay.

It’s also used as interior cladding and could even be used as external timber cladding as it is is southern Europe, partially favoured for that ability to repel insect attack.

This Cedar would do well in bathrooms or outdoor kitchens where the durability would be an advantage as well as the great dimensions of boards, perfect for one piece table tops and worktops.

We wouldn’t advise Cedar of Lebanon be used overtly in a bedroom or a kitchen. The perfume, whilst wonderful and useful could be overwhelming at night or around food preparation.

p.s. don’t confuse this Cedar with the other Cedar… Western Red… quite a diffferent proposition.

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Cedar of Lebanon

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