Why Vote For Us?

May 20, 2020 | english hardwoods

In the whole timber industry scheme of things English Woodlands Timber are small.

nick doing virtual timber selection with a customer via video link

We don’t have a turnover in the billions (in truth we’re £3-4m). We don’t do global imports and we don’t offer every species in every size. We focus on homegrown timber, native species and sustainable sourcing. We do our best to promote the supply chain for British forestry and support small to medium woodworking businesses.

We’re working on being LEAN, being Agile and being better.

Our work is about serving the needs of you and your customers in the most sustainable, least wasteful, most efficient way possible with the best people, the best service and the best timber we can.


For the last few months work has been about keeping our people and our customers safe and healthy and feedback is telling us our range of contact-less timber buying services are working.

“Great service and was glad to find someone open but taking all the precautions to keep the place open and everyone safe, big thanks” Sullington Carpentry & Building


Customers are saying that picking timber online has made a big difference.

“Very pleased with the service I received from your company. Just a small order but I was dealt with promptly and efficiently. I love the process of picking individual boards online.” M.Wilkins


We’re hearing Video Appointments have been a game changer, especially if you usually like to select your own timber.

“I did a video selection call with the team a few weeks ago and I was genuinely surprised at how well this works. The process was easy and efficient, and all of the boards were laid out in preparation for the call.
I live and work quite a long way from you guys so I generally only drop in when I am passing. On reflection I think that the video call works really well, and for me personally, it actually works better than seeing them on site. Both my recent orders have probably been larger than they would have been if I had been there in person.
I’ll still drop by for a rummage in the stack though.

How you have dealt with lockdown and social distancing deserves congratulations, and in my opinion video selection should remain a permanent feature of how you work.”    The Wooden Chopping Board Co

But we’re not going to stop innovating just because the current crisis might be easing. We’re going to push forward to develop every nook and cranny of our business so that it serves you as well as is possible.

By July you’ll be able to get your invoice and pay for your timber online no matter where you are. Soon The Rack will be ready for you to pick your own timber on site in safety.

You need the best timber to do your best work and we’re going to make that happen, no matter what.

We’re listening to your feedback and we’ll keep the change coming as long as you need it. We’re always glad to hear your thoughts.


So, if you think we’re getting it right (some of the time at least) we’d be really, truly grateful if you’d vote for us in the Small Timber Business Category of this year’s TTJ Awards.

It would mean so much to all of us, from Graham in the yard tending boules, to Wayne picking your cutting lists, to David slaving over stock management, to Philip in machine shop, to Nick in the Pod taking video appointments, to Chris crunching quote numbers, to Tom hunting out round timber for next season’s sawing… you get the picture.

We’re nose to the grindstone each day so to hear from you, our customers that what we’re doing is working for you is a thrill. It makes us happy when you give us a chance to look up smell the roses every now and then.

So we wish you voting woodfans, go make a difference to a timber company today.
We’ll all love you for it 🙂


Thanks so much for reading & for taking part.

Stay well and keep on woodworking,
Tom, Ian & the rest of the gang at English Woodlands Timber