Meet the Team



Jill is our resident outdoors-loving, book-keeping department. She keeps our numbers organised and our decimal points in the right places. She’s a not-so-secret golf fanatic and is out in all weathers up on nearby Cowdray Park with her plus fours and 9 iron. If you have an accounts query call Jill, she’ll soon straighten things out.


HIllgrove Timber Co & Board Sales

Nick is a passionate woodfan with a fine artists heart. He is devoted to our customers and has high ideals for service. His day is built around finding the absolute best boards for design projects and furniture making which means he is your go to guy if you’re looking for exceptional or extraordinary timber.

sarah jane farmer at timber expo photo taken by steve fowkes

Sarah Farmer

Marketing Manager

Self confessed woodcentric, Sarah is our digital thinker. Next to Tom, she’s the longest serving member of the team and is dedicated to the development of the business both on and offline.

Sarah believes trees and wood are the answer to the world’s ills and is doing her best to convert everyone else to the cause. Tune in to our blogs, newsletters and social media and she’ll make you a believer too!

tom compton portrait at english woodlands timber woodyard

Tom Compton

Owner & Joint Managing Director

Whilst Tom’s heart is firmly rooted in the Forestry business, his head is keenly focused on the Timber business.

With year on year growth, despite difficult times, Tom’s determination to drive English Woodlands Timber to deliver excellence in timber, in services and in prices is undoubtedly bearing fruit.

As Tom & Ian’s expansion plans plough steadily on, the landscape of the company will continue to shift until timber nirvana has been achieved!

Tom is a Professional Member of the Institute of Chartered Foresters and studied at Bangor University for his BSc MicFor. Read Tom’s full Biog here


Ian McNally

Owner & Joint Managing Director

Ian’s dynamism is a great boost to the company’s collective energy and his expertise in areas of manufacturing, retailing, internet marketing (to name but a few) are a boon to our resources.

Read Ian’s full Biog here


Chris Luffman

Timber Sales Manager

Chris is our Sales Office timber guru. Ask, and ye shall receive the answer and probably in about 60 seconds flat! She has huge experience of the European timber trade and is excellent at sourcing and solving timber shaped problems.

Chris has timber knowledge coming out of her ears and is so deeply dedicated to our customers and her work that we can hardly ever make her step away from her desk to go a-fishing (go on ask her about her fishing) !

If you need to know something, ask Chris. That’s all there is to it.
Read Chris’ full Biog here


grant prudente english woodlands timber sales and operations team


Timber Sales & Despatch

In the beginning Grant was half (the quiet half) of the infamous EWT ‘G-unit’ & he moonlighted as a Forester when he wasn’t here tending his beloved firewood splitter or studying PE.

Today, 5 years on, he’s all ours. We landed him hook, line and sinker with a nice comfy seat in the sales office and all the stock management updates he could ever want. If stock is your game, he’s your man but we think this is just the beginning for ‘office’ Grant and we’re very happy to have him on our team.

Read Grant’s full Biog here


Timber Selection Leader

Wayne’s a tricky one to photograph because he just will not stand still!

He’s been in timber for ever and really knows his stuff. He’s our qualified Visual Grader for structural timber and he’s an expert on selecting timber, not to mention being a whizz on the Weinig. He’s our ‘pendulum’… keeping both the Stock shed and the Machine shed running on time by swinging back and forth between the two.

There’s really nothing this man can’t do and he’s guaranteed to be smiling as he does it!

Read Wayne’s full Biog here

Timber Selection Leader


Timber Machining Leader

Here’s a man that knows his way around a six head moulder and a half. The machine shop may be his domain but he’s also the go to guy for anything that needs solving, designing, making or building. He is the perfect combination of inherent creativity and down to earth practicality and to top all that off he makes a darn good cup o’ joe.

Timber Machining Leader


Timber Sales & Office Admin

The doyenne of the database, the siren of the stationery cupboard, Julie is at the heart of our office administration and can be relied on to keep us in line, dotting i’s & crossing t’s as she goes.