Workshop Services: Machining Elm Slabwood on the SCM Planer Sander

Jun 16, 2021 | timber services, workshop services

Last week we set up the SCM to run some waney edge Scottish Elm slabs through for a furniture making customer.

BEWARE: You might want your ear defenders on when you’re listening to this… !

Our SCM machine can take boards up to 1300 mm wide for thicknessing i.e. taking a board thickness down to a specified dimension.

It’s also useful for getting the timber closer to a finished surface.

The planing process produces a very workable surface in itself, but if we add the sanding process (it’s optional) then the result after the two grit grades is a very respectable ready-to-use surface.

The Elm works beautifully for maching up like this, becasue it’s a more rare wood species and is mainly used for furniture and cabinet making the aim is to keep waste low and to maximise the usefulness of the timber. Some of our customers use this SCM processing to clean up boards so that when they bring them into their workshops they can clearly and quickly make good decisions on how to best use the wood.

It’s the somewhat more aggressive version of running a shave over a board to test grain and charcateristics.

We understand that most furniture and cabinetmakers will undoubtedly want to continue to refine the surface finish, even if they have opted for sanding, but this machine will do the the lion’s share of teh work, reducing labour and time.

So there it is. The SCM is in our workshop for you.

We’ll put it to work. You only have to ask.

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