Workshop Services: The SCM 90 – a planer & sander for wide boards

Jan 20, 2021 | timber services, workshop services

This machine blows our minds…

Here’s Ian, introducing our SCM 3 head planer sander.

It planes and sands wide boards so that they’re ready to use… and the cost for machining is £50/lm (+ the dreaded VAT)

A while back a giant planer was a bit of a pipe-dream, then we installed an 850mm wide planer thicknesser to test the waters. It worked nicely, but, as we’re blessed with amazingly wide waney edge board stock, we’d all get frustrated (customers included) about the boards we couldn’t machine.

Eventually Ian & Tom decided the investment was warranted – that we could serve our woodworking customers better if we could clean up intact wide boards for them to use.

Enter the SCM 90.

We did a bit of ‘waiting patiently’ for this 1350mm wide planing sanding behemoth to land, but now it’s installed and working it’s way throughout customer projects, even as we write!

As a 3 head planer sander with over 600 cutters and a flexible, responsive bed it’s a genuinely sophisticated piece of kit that’s engineered to handle our super wide, rough sawn waney-edge stock, enabling us to produce flat, finished boards ready for use.

With the WEINIGS handling the square edge for PAR, profiling and moulding and SCM tackling the wide waney edge we now feel we are offering a better a better choice of services to our furniture making and joinery customers.

We give you the choice of taking the raw boards-to-make timber, the part processed cut-to-size or the fully machined up components of your latest project, ready to work on.

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