A Green Oak (Fresh Sawn Oak) Update: A Well Oiled Chain

Jul 6, 2021 | cladding timber, fresh sawn timber, structural timber, wood products, woodland products

The green oak sawmill summer shutdown is coming up at the end of July.

green oak sections structural timber

As of this week all the pre-shutdown lorries are full so now we’re taking orders for now September lorries.

If you’re planning timber framing or timber cladding projects for Autumn talk to us about getting your fresh sawn timber in on time.

In general, the fresh sawn Oak supply from France has been fairly steady but we’re feeling the lack of lorry drivers as well as the dirth of French beam logs which has stressed our partner sawmills this year. We’re very glad to say that the longstanding relationships we have with all of our mills and their dedication to keeping the flow going has been reassuring.

We respect your reliance on good quality structural oak for the work you do and we’ll make sure this supply chain is well oiled and maintained.

If you’re caught out during the shutdown season panic not wood-friends, we have substantial stocks of seasoned sectional timber in our beam yard in 3 stages of seasoning.

Book an appointment to come to select from the stock by emailing the sales gang(sales@englishwoodlandstimber.twdemos.co.uk).

Search online to see if  we have the beam STOCK  you need.



If you need fresh sawn green oak as a bespoke cutting list we work with a partner mill in France and cut on a daily basis Get A Quote on a cutting list

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