Fresh Sawn, Part Seasoned & Semi Seasoned Oak Beams

Jun 17, 2021 | fresh sawn timber, structural timber, wood knowledge

The structural timber stock is now fully listed and pickable online. structural oak beam yard timber stacks

Welcome to the beam stock area of the woodyard where improvements have taken place and volumes have grown. There are now over 2000 beams to pick from for oak framing and carpentry.

We recognise the need for better product information on dryness so we’re mid process of re-listing with 3 categories,

Fresh sawn beam: for 6 months from sawn date
Part seasoned beam: from 7 – 24 months from sawn date
Semi seasoned beam: from 25 months from sawn date

In this way the age of the sawn structural section corresponds to a level of drying / seasoning.

For engineering calculations our structural timber is technically ‘wet graded’ as, due to section size, it cannot reach the moisture content required for ‘dry graded’.

You probably already know, large sections of timber never fully seasoned and dry. Moisture gets trapped within and gets case hardened, hence a beam can only really reach semi seasoned state.

Select your own beams from our structural stock



If you need fresh sawn green oak as a bespoke cutting list we work with a partner mill in France and cut on a daily basis Get A Quote on a cutting list

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More about moisture content in Making The Grade

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