The Reserve: Exceptional Elm Timber

Jun 30, 2021 | english hardwoods, furniture timber, workshop services

The Reserve is our Hillgrove Timber Co hoard of exceptional boards for furniture makers and making.


In this video Nick gives you an insight into what makes a Reserve board and why.

The Hillgrove Timber Co is Nick’s project, a little sister company to English Woodlands Timber that sources, keeps and cares for the very special boards that come through our doors.

The homegrown Elm logs we source and saw exclusively for furniture making are a rare treat for all of us, and for Nick most of all.

He’d love to stop us from getting to any of them until he’s inspected each one thoroughly as they exit the kiln but instead we raid his stocks on a daily basis.

We would feel bad about it but it’s hard to feel too badly for someone that gets to do this on a daily basis 😉

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