Where to start with Exterior Timber Cladding

Mar 1, 2023 | cladding timber, english hardwoods, fresh sawn timber

If the thought of  timber cladding specification makes your temples throb, we’re here to help.

Or if you’ve just begun to think about timber cladding and you’ve never specified it before, this is as good a place as any to begin.


That Timber Cladding Time Of Year

We’re feeling springy, even if spring isn’t quite here yet.

Site conditions are improving and we can just hear the optimism setting in… along with the pressure to specify your cladding and get it on order so you can finish up your project.

We know that’s easier said than done.

The subject of cladding is a proverbial Pandora’s Box that can open up a world of confusion  and the path through the decision making process does not appear intuitive or in any was simple.

We’re on a mission to change that for you.

Starting with these two little pdfs.

First, The Fresh Sawn one.

The information in this pdf is a shortcut to the most commonly used fresh sawn exterior cladding types, in the most requested, and economical, wood species, in appropriate, efficient sizes.

The profiles offered are fairly adaptable, they’re quite simple to install, the material is relatively easy to work with and yet it achieves high standards in weatherproofing and aesthetics

As with all work with wood, the design of the detailing, the sharpness of cutting implements, the levels of care and preparation all make a difference to the finished product.

Product.Info pdf CLD.fresh sawn feather edge and waney edge timber exterior cladding

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Second, The Air dried one.

This pdf has the quick wins for smooth, machined profiles and more technically challenging applications. It’s spread of species gives you a range price points and the profiles on offer give you a wide range of aesthetics.

It’s true that machined timber cladding does require careful detailing, consideration of tooling and clarity on methods and choices of fixings. Length specs are more varied as dry timber has been managed to achieve a level of stability and grade to make it fit for a range of joinery and furniture uses.

Using dry timber for exterior cladding utilises the knowledge and skill of the joiner or furniture maker and offers a level of finish accordingly which is, in our view, a beautiful thing to see.

Product.Info.CLD.AD air dried exterior timber cladding in machined profiles RETAIL

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So there you have it.

A summary of the most commonly used timber cladding options in a range of specifications with as many questions answered as possible, up front.

However, if bespoke is your MO fear not, at EWT bespoke is never off the table. If you don’t see what you want here then get in touch.

So, if you’ve been feeling a cladding headache brewing we hope this has helped you breathe easier.

We supply timber cladding for every imagine-able application and have found these options to be the most requested or simplest to use.

We’re here to help you think through your cladding specifying process one step at a time.

If you have any questions, queries or bespoke quoting, just get in touch, anytime.



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