Whether you’re looking for feather edge, waney edge or square profile, we offer French Oak cladding boards or homegrown Cedar, Douglas Fir, Chestnut and Larch wood cladding

As well as being sustainable, fresh sawn timber cladding is traditional, versatile, economical and beautiful.

Our homegrown timber cladding and sustainability

A tree on the side of a hill gets felled one day. After getting cleaned up, the log it produces travels a mile or so on the back of a trailer to the saw. It gets sawn the next day, put back on the trailer the day after that and is dropped about three miles down the road to our sawmill.

After all that work someone probably comes along six months later and plants another tree… either that or the one taken out was a thinning – meant to allow more space for the remaining trees to grow into the space.

If you buy our fresh sawn Douglas Fir that’s what happens. Does a building material get more sustainable than that?

Innovating with traditional cladding materials

The story of fresh sawn cladding timber is centuries old. It’s about the simple life and using the materials on hand to create shelter from the elements, to build a home.

But that doesn’t mean it precludes innovation. In fact, fresh sawn timber allows for innovation on a budget. If shrinkage, movement, limitations of machining wet timber, available species and sources are taken into consideration in cladding design and detailing there are hundreds of ways to use fresh sawn timber cladding. This project, for example, could work very nicely https://www.englishwoodlandstimber.co.uk/chestnut-lattice-rainscreen-cladding-timber/

Need economical or traditional cladding materials? Fresh sawn timber cladding is a no-brainer! It offers a short lead time, an easy and speedy fix and a long-lasting finish that will mature with age.

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