Customer Spotlight: Gaze Burvill

Nov 6, 2020 | Our Customers

Meet Gaze Burvill

Simon Burvill and Christian Gaze strive to solve the challenges of building for the outdoors, drawing on experience gained over 25 years, with elegant practical solutions and beautifully subtle details.

In 1993, Simon and Christian joined forces – and surnames – to found Gaze Burvill gathering a talented team of designers and craftsmen and establishing a set of core values which they embedded throughout the business. Each piece of Gaze Burvill furniture, and their outdoor kitchens, would be built for lasting performance outdoors, and would always be designed with a focus on beauty and sophistication. It would be practical, and extremely comfortable.

The team at Gaze Burvill work extremely hard to ensure that their furniture not only performs well, with particular attention to comfort, but also looks good. In 1992, Christian designed the original Court Seat design with these principles in mind, and although they now draw on other creative influences, they have never wavered from these core concepts. If a piece looks good, but doesn’t meet the team’s exacting comfort checks, it doesn’t go into production.

Gaze Burvill bespoke garden furniture

Their pieces are exclusively made in Britain, and although the team employ pioneering, state-of-the-art technology across all aspects of their furniture production, they also maintain a craftsman’s hand finish on every piece that’s created in their workshop. With a focus on personal development, from apprentices through to master craftsmen Gaze Burvill are proud of their team, and actively support their learning in traditional and modern carpentry and furniture manufacturing. Every piece is stamped with a unique serial code linking back to the person who assembled and finished it. A mark of pride, and the Gaze Burvill stamp of quality.

Another key value for the Gaze Burvill team is their commitment to sustainability. Consideration for the environment was a founding principle, and they are unwilling to use resources which are not regenerated at a sufficient rate to halt the erosion of the world’s rainforest. They remain determined not to compromise on quality and durability, confident that the best rebuttal to throw-away society is the creation of extremely well-made pieces that last and never go out of style. Solar panels power their entire site – and a couple of cottages too – and they keep waste to a minimum, even compacting their sawdust into pellets which fuel their biomass boiler.


Project Spotlight

Because the Gaze Burvill team are designers, as well as makers, they’re more than happy to make custom alterations to their wide range of pieces found within their collections. They can produce new designs too, allowing for unique, bespoke and site-specific pieces.

gaze burvill bespoke bench

They understand the importance of a ‘good fit’, adjusting dimensions and detailing according to the requests of clients and the requirements of a particular outdoor space. Whether the project is special, ambitious or challenging, their capable and experienced team of craftsmen have the ability to take on any project, as Dame Esther Rantzen revealed:

“My Gaze Burvill bench has a particular place in my heart because my late husband, Desmond Wilcox, instructed me to put a bench at the top of the hill so he can keep an eye on me. And I am thrilled that I have carried out his instruction with a particularly beautiful bench that feels and looks like a hug and has been brilliantly maintained by Gaze Burvill.”


Timber Spotlight

With sustainability at the foundation of all Gaze Burvill’s work, they always source excellent quality wood from established, sustainably managed forests. That’s where English Woodlands Timber comes in.

Oak, their favoured species, is naturally durable. Oak is perfect for the outdoor furniture and hugely valued by craftsmen thanks to it’s range of workability. Unlike tropical hardwoods, Oak and Chestnut are durable wood species that can be steam-bent, enabling the graceful, strong curves in furniture design that are so important for comfort.

May Throne oak garden chair by gaze burvill in garden show display

Gaze Burvill has honed a craft and developed an expertise in specifiying and selecting Oak for outdoor furniture. A deep understanding for the behaviour of the wood, the necessity of the wood to adapt to a changing external environment whilst maintaining it’s integrity and durability. Often the furniture they make is left gently weather and silver over time which lends a particularly beautiful patina to the pieces as they age, offering years of beauty.

As Simon Burvill explains:

“I’m proud to work at Gaze Burvill because we’re taking a beautiful and precious wood that has been carefully nurtured for 120 to 150 years, and we can transform it into treasured pieces that delight people for many years, often with an element of surprise – either through comfort, detail or practicality.”

Everything Gaze Burvill produce is designed and manufactured at their base in Hampshire.


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