Gaze Burvill

Furniture designer / maker

Designers & Makers of Fine Outdoor Furniture

Christian Gaze & Simon Burvill are craftsmen. Schooled in furniture making by John Makepeace, master of master’s, they are a partnership with a purpose; to make fine outdoor furniture that does no harm to the environment. In this, they clearly found their metier as Gaze Burvill sit at the pinnacle of handmade garden furniture design and making.

Now a substantial company with state of the art workshop Gaze Burvill produce their own ranges of furniture as well as working with designers and architects on bespoke projects and commissions. Their furniture products  range from dining sets, outdoor lounges, poolside furniture, summer kitchens as well as estate benches and installations. Most of their work is in English or European Oak and as such is inherently durable and weathers beautifully.

Take a look at their website for a view of their extensive portfolio. Don’t hesitate to get in touch should you desire to discuss a project or to furnish your outdoor space with their beautiful Oak furniture.

Gaze Burvill, Lodge Farm, East Tisted Hampshire GU34 3QH

T. 01420 588444   E.


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Gaze Burvill long arc bench May Throne oak garden chair by gaze burvill in garden show display Gaze Burvill oak garden chair

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Gaze Burvill

Furniture designer / maker