Air Dried Timber Cladding

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When you want a smooth planed finish…

air dried swet chestnut finger jointed timber cladding pefc certified sustainable timber

When you want an interlocking, rainscreen or moulded profile. When you want stable, seasoned timber. When you want longer lengths and a systematic, low maintenance installation, or when you just prefer the aesthetics.

That’s when you opt for air dried timber cladding over fresh sawn.

The profile options are almost endless when you specify air dried cladding but our Profile Library is a good place to start making your choice – scroll down to see cladding specific profiles.

The most suitable choice of species are Oak or Sweet Chestnut (including finger jointed) in hardwood, Larch, Douglas Fir or Western Red Cedar in softwood.

Each of these species has a level of durability suited to external use as cladding without the need for treatment* or finishes, although some will take a finish well if it’s desired.

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A ‘must have’ for cladding buyers and specifiers – External Timber Cladding from TRADA Pubications

Here’s Ian talking about Sweet Chestnut used for air dried cladding


 Innauer Matt Architectkten lattice rainscreen cladding project we decided chestnut would work AD Sweet Chestnut cladding Timber Cladding

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*good detailing is important for durability and longevity – see External Timber Cladding for more info and advice

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