The Right Stuff: Air Dried Oak

Jul 10, 2021 | air dried timber, furniture timber, joinery timber, wood knowledge, wood products

Air dried (seasoned) timber is the right stuff for external joinery and furniture use.

air dried waney edge Oak plank for joinery and furniture making

Kiln dried timber, unless re-acclimatised* is a risk if you make furniture or joinery products for use outside.

Kilning is a process that reduces moisture to a level that makes timber appropriate and fit for use in interior spaces, centrally heated, air conditioned with low ambient moisture levels of 8-14%.

Air dried timber hasn’t been through this process. It’s moisture levels are in the 17-22% region and because it is generally stored outside in the open air it is always acclimatised to the current conditions.

Thus, dear woodworkers and woodbuyers, if the job is external air dried timber is the right stuff to ask for.

We keep good stocks of Oak  (Sweet Chestnut too) in air dried stock in a mix of whole Boules, Packs, square edge and waney edge all for external use.

See some of our stocks via these links:

Oak – air dried boards – sorted widest first
Oak – air dried waney edge packs
Oak – air dreid square edge packs

Sweet Chestnut – air dried boules
Sweet Chestnut – air dried waney edge packs
Sweet Chestnut – air dried square edge packs



Check our Glossary of Wood Words to read more about moisture content, moisture movement and kilning.

If you are using hardwood species like Oak, Chestnut and Walnut for external joinery and furniture read our advice on Tannin.


OAK SQUARE EDGE PACKS STACKED in the air dried yard whilst they season and sir dry for joinery or timber cladding air dried square edge mini packs for external joinery or timber cladding PACKS of Oak joinery plank for flooring and cladding blanks sawn from homegrown oak

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*Stored outside to achieve ambient moisture content (re-take up moisture – which it can’t always do if the cell structure has hardened)