Work With Us: We need more Timber Selectors

Jul 7, 2021 | About us, our people

Are you a good judge of  ‘character’? Or maybe you’re ‘super prime’d for pulling boards for cutting lists? Well read on…

We’re an award winning timber company serving woodworking professionals. We need timber industry professionals to meet their needs. Right now we need more Timber Selectors.

We stock premium quality hardwoods in air dried and kiln dried waney edge and square edge. Our teams pull boards for customer cutting lists and help with customer selection all day, every day.

Our purpose never changes but the work we do is varied. We’re not afraid to experiment and try new things in the pursuit of improving ourselves.

Our customers rely on us for good communication, premium quality timber, seamless supply, expert wood knowledge and timely delivery.

Could you get on board (woodpun alert!) with that?

In all seriousness, our business is growing. More and more people are working with wood, specifying wood and seeking homegrown and locally sourced timber for their projects. To respond to the increase in demand for timber we need to expand our team.

That’s where you come in.

You’ve read this far so you must be just a teency bit intrigued, are we right?

Well, now It’s time to visit our Work With Us page and read the Timber Selector job description so you can find out what to do next.

We’ll be waiting to hear from you.

P.S. Don’t hang around, the application deadline is the 14th of June!


Read more about why, how and what we do on our blog or watch our videos on youtube
Browse the stock to see what sort of timber you’ll be selecting from.


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