Not so chicken after all.

Jun 14, 2021 | About us, the timber rack, wood knowledge, wood products

Your online orders get picked, packed and despatched within 3-5 days by a bunch of woodgeeks on the side of a hill…

the timber rack wood shop ecommerce boards all packed and ready to be shipped lo

But it could’ve been very different.

Timber? Planks? Online? With a basket and a checkout?

No way.

Is that what you thought?

We did.

We nearly chickened out of the checkout.

We thought, ‘timber supply and ecommerce? … definitely two completely different ball games’.

Sure, it does a seem a bit odd that you can shop online and buy something as big, unwieldy and awkward as a plank of wood. Or a pack of square edge, the cladding for your new cafe interior or the green Oak beams for your new house.

But why, ‘cos it’s not small enought to fit in a jiffy* bag???


Hmmmm… here’s why the argument doesn’t stack up; because we already sell and ship that timber everyday. You would think once you’ve had that realisation you just can’t not, but we still played chicken. Scared to get in the game.

Thankfully we managed to get ourselves some backbone, some bubble wrap (we’re looking for a more planet friendly option, promise), some nice packing tape with our logo on (we love our logo) and a neat little basket for the stocklist (nothing fancy).

So now, you can actually buy stuff.

You, you lovely woodfan, no matter where you are.

Today you can buy beams, packs and boards online… cladding is still a little way back down the hill bringing up the rear but is getting a wriggle on.

So, turns out ‘ecommerce’… not a different ball game.

Same ballgame.

Played as best you can with what you’ve got.

You just have to be in it 🙂


Your online orders get picked, packed and despatched with love within 3-5 days from time of order by a bunch of woodgeeks on the side of a hill in the South Downs National Park.

*other packaging bag envelope-thingys are available


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