Wood Knowledge: Introduction to Elm Trees & Timber

Jun 22, 2021 | Furniture Timber, Wood Knowledge, woodland management

Our native Elm is a rare tree and richly prized wood.


Here’s our MD Tom Compton, a forester with an explanation for why that is…

Here Tom Compton, forester and English Woodlands Timber MD gives us an introduction to the Elm – Ulnus Glabra & Procera – and the Dutch Elm disease which has decimated the growth of this beautiful native broadleaved tree.

Whilst Elm is rare it is still found in pockets across the UK. When the growing trees are no longer healthy and viable we are given the opportunity to take the felled trees and convert them into boules, dry them and produce the best possible Elm wood for use in furniture making.

Because of the fragility of the UK supply from time to time we source boule stock from other locations in Europe to supplement our customers requirements.

Tom found some beautiful Ulnus Glabra in Croatia which we still have a little of and whilst these may not reach the widths of our homegrown Elm stock the grain is clean, the colour consistently creamy brown and the lengths are good, going up to 4.7m.



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