We have a homegrown hunch about Douglas Fir

Feb 18, 2022 | flooring timber, furniture timber, Grown in Britain, joinery timber, kiln dried timber

We have a not-so-little hunch that homegrown Douglas Fir has yet to come into it’s own.

kiln dried square edge homegrown douglas fir boards in packs 30 x 340 x xlengths over 4m super stable and perfect bespoke flooring material

So, you think you know your locally sourced Doug Fir. Or we do anyway, and we should. We’re made up of foresters and family of foresters, and Douglas Fir is a staple forest inhabitant in these parts.

Perhaps because we use so much for cladding and we see so much imported stuff we think we have it sussed, features, uses, limitations’n’all.

And then we meet a pack of homegrown kiln dried square edge with nominal sizes of 30mm x 340mm wide x 4m+ like this one for us to realise how little we know – but we’re used to that.

And then it hits us…‘aaahhh so that’s how Dinesen does it’ with their wide Douglas Fir floors.

wide douglas fir perfect for bespoke for floor making at 30mm x 340mm x 4m plus inlength 30mm x 340mm wide kiln dried douglas fir for joinery furniture and wide board flooring homegrown wide douglas fir suitable for floors joinery and furniture making

SO because we actually have 3 packs in right now, all with the same spec, Chris and Sarah had a little play with the spec over coffee and cake. They figured the 3 packs we have now would make over 300m2 of 300mm wide flooring at less than £100/m2.

That woodfans, is a rare beast.

That wide, that long, that thickness in homegrown timber? We might not have believed it if it wasn’t sitting in front of us.

So now the question is… should we machine some up to see how it presents?

We’re thinking about it.


P.S. Look at it… it’s just so beautifully flat!


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