Walnut, high in omega fatty acids

Dec 13, 2011 | furniture timber, joinery timber

It’s True! The fruit of the Walnut tree is deemed a ‘super food’.

american black walnut waney edge boards in the kiln dried stock shed american black walnut waney edge & square edge stock

The Walnut, full of antioxidants, it is of great nutritional benefit to us humans. So it stands to reason that the wood of the tree is a ‘super wood’, full of incredible qualities and of huge nutritional benefit to us humans… well Ok, maybe not nutritional, but undoubtedly of benefit.

How lucky we are to have whole boules like these to offer our creative and industrious customers !

When Tom first found the waney-edge N.American Walnut he knew we wouldn’t be going back to square edge..  and why would we ??

This is the real Walnut… it hasn’t been sorted and graded to within an inch of it’s life. These are whole, intact logs that are genuinely useful to furniture makers and kitchen makers and anyone looking for some continuity of colour, grain, workability but with the real qualities of the species. This is not a timber with all the life and soul cut out of it, it is bursting with life and is crying out for some exciting projects where it can live on.

Have you got an exciting project ?

Does this Walnut make your mouth water ?

You know you can come and take your time to select your own boards to use don’t you ?

The current stock of this very highly regarded and extremely desirable American Walnut looks like this; 27mm, 41mm & 54mm thick , 120 – 550mm wide and 2.3 – 3.5m long and the price starts at £53/cu ft (exc VAT)

waney edge walnut boards in the kiln dried stock shed at cocking sawmills

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If you’re not a woodworker but you’d love some furniture in this beautiful wood species why not find enlist the services of a furniture maker and have something made especially for you? We know some amazingly skilled and creative people – have a look here

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See our Walnut stock here  … just look at those board widths!

Inspiration for your next new floor? – quarter sawn Oak & Walnut – could it be the only beautiful thing George W ever did?

Here’s a nutritious, delicious blogpost all about Walnuts for you to consume

And don’t forget, when you’ve made something please, please come and show us the pictures !

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