Who Are You Going To Vote For?

Jul 8, 2021 | About us, Timber Trades Journal, wood knowledge

It’s time for all you timber buyers out there to put your pondering face on and pick a timber supplier (or suppliers) to vote for.

pondering which timber suppliers to vote for at the TTK Awards 2021

Hmmmm… so, who did good this year ?

Who got you the timber you wanted, when you needed it? Who made your job easier and helped you be a better maker or builder? Who stocked amazing wood so you could make amazing wood stuff? Who would you miss if they were gone?

It’s time to ponder, to cast your mind back over the last year to see who stands out…  it’s likely they’ll one’s worth voting for.

And believe us, they’ll be thrilled to get your vote.

On a daily basis we timber businesses tell ourselves we’re getting your vote when you show up to buy from us, but when you vote in the TTJ Awards you’re putting your stamp of approval on what we do and how we do it.

That’s priceless.

To know your customers will stick their flag in the ground for you is humbling and motivating.

So be generous, be kind, give them a couple of moments of your time and click the buttons all the way to a vote.

Here’s a list of this years categories to get your neurons firing…

Click one of the categories above and you’ll go straight to the voting page.

Go make your timber suppliers happy bunnies

Voting closes on the 22nd of July 2021.

Only two weeks left… YIKES!



Go to the webpage with a list of voting categories and click one to vote

Go to the TTJ website and get timber industry news

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