It’s not every day you get invited to the Savoy Hotel for lunch…

but when you do, you accept quick sharpish.. with immense gratitude!

Especially when the occasion is the timber industry’s very own ‘Wood Oscars’… The TTJ Awards 2012.

Mike Jeffree, the editor of the TTJ, very kindly sent me an invite for the TTJ Awards after all of our shenanigans with the design and making of this year’s trophies for the Awards ceremony.

So, on Friday 14th September I arrived, fashionably late of course, at The Savoy Hotel’s Lancaster Rooms for a champagne reception before a lunch and the ceremony everyone had been waiting for.

Time flew by as Tom & I talked timber with old friends and new faces alike until the bell rang for lunch and we were all ushered to our places to begin the celebrations… and celebrate we did! it was a superb lunch.

I had the pleasure of sitting with Mike at the awards lunch so conversation was lively. When he got up on stage to start the prizegiving proceedings I was totally thrilled to see the trophies that Madara Degtere had designed and our Philip had painstakingly made being presented to the 13 winners who took their places up on stage in front of me (yes I was right at the front on the best table with guest speaker Mr Nick Hewer!!) to receive their trophies.


The winners are decided through great deliberation and are all well deserved.. and to make the event even more exciting the winners didn’t know they had  won until Nick Hewer announced the winners names..

Mike and his gang take so much time and effort to bring this award event to fruition, it really was a very special occasion and is certainly a landmark in the timber industry year. The winners are found through great deliberation and are all well deserved.

The roll call of winners and prizes reads like this…

Arbor Forest Products Softwood Trader of the Year

Timbmet Hardwood Trader of the Year

Meyer Timber Panels Trader of the Year

International Plywood (Importers) Plywood Trader of the Year

Horndon Timber Products Small Timber Business of the Year (Yeay for the small business!!!!)

Hoppings Softwood Products Excellence in Marketing

John Critchley, W Howard Ltd Career Development Award

Peter Kelly, Howarth Timber Group Career Development Award

Sherpa Connection Systems Timber Innovation (love this category!)

Soil Association Woodlmark Environmental Achievement

Stora Enso Building Solutions Achievement in Engineered Timber (very impressive…)

Hoppings Softwood Products Website of the Year (yup.. I’m jealous)

And finally last but certainly not least.. the king of timber companies for the year..

James Latham Plc Timber Trader of the Year

So all in all I have to say… it was awesome!

I felt honoured to be invited, and I felt proud of English Woodlands Timber and proud of the timber industry for achieving success in tough times. For creating new products, innovative methods of trading and for embracing change.

We can’t thank Mike, Sally, Karen & Stephen (and you Loretta!) enough for all their support over the last year and we can’t wait to see everyone again at Timber Expo.. yet another reason for us all to get dressed up!!

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Next on the menu .. get your glad rags on guys.. we’re off to the Timber Expo