It’s that TTJ Awards time of year

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You have one month left to decide on your fave timber suppliers and place your vote for your favourite timber suppliers.

our ttj small business award 2019 with Grant and Nick

Yes woodfans, your guessed it…  voting is open and already underway for the 25th anniversary Timber Trades Journal Awards and now it’s up to you to do your stuff.

As timber buyers you have the right to vote for the people you buy timber from, be they a small timber business like us, structural timber companies like Crendon Timber Engineering or big merchantd like Howarth Timber.

This is your opportunity to give your favourite timber supplier your support in a meaningful way.

And it really does mean a lot, our award is never far from reach.

So, here’s a list of this years categories.

You can vote for as many categories as you want to – there should be one to cover all the wood you buy.

You have just one month left to do it… YIKES!


Click one of the categories above and go straight to the voting page, where you get asked which category you want to vote in and then you tell them why and click submit.


Voting closes on the 22nd of July, that means there’s one month left to vote…

Go make your timber supplier very happy


Go to the webpage with a list of voting categories and click one to vote

Go to the TTJ website and get timber industry news

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