Case Study: Bryan Kelly’s home refurbishment

Mar 11, 2021 | our customers

Meet Bryan, our first super user…

London based customer Bryan Kelly does all his board selection online and only visits when he needs to spec machining.

In this video Nick and Wayne host Bryan and team for a covid-safe board spec-ing session.

Bryan is our first super user customer. He chooses all the boards he wants for his home refurbishment using the webshop and stock search picking lists from the peace and quiet of his own desk. So far he’s bought over 300 boards this way!

Then we pick them, pack them and deliver them straight to his home or into his joinery team for working.

The only time Bryan needs to travel down from London is when he and his guys want to use our workshop for machining boards before we ship them – not everyone’s got a 1300mm wide planer sander in their workshop – and now we’ve got the hang of contactless collections that’s completely do-able.

Look out for pt 2, we’re hoping to catch Bryan mid-refurb to see what he’s doing with all those boards.


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