It Starts With The trees

Jan 10, 2023 | About us, wood knowledge, woodland products

We don’t mind that our MD Tom will find any excuse to go out to the woods.

We know for him the trees come first.

What’s wonderful is that this week he was able to take Harry, Kerry, Jarrad & JJ out with him for some EWT forestry school.

It happened that one of the English Woodlands Forestry teams is currently running an operation on a site nearby at Seaford College.

Tom took the opportunity to show the guys some of the Western Red Cedar round timber parcel that will be sawn in the Autumn and will come into packs of cladding blanks for our timber building customers.

Our wood geeks we pretty excited get out to a site so close to the woodyard and to see the trees being felled as part of the woodland management on some very steep banks on the north side of the south downs.

It’s a challenging site for the growing trees and the forest operations.

Laura Henderson – lead forest manager of the EWF team – was there to oversee the recovery of some of the storm Eunice damaged trees and provide some technical information for our EWT guys.

The complexity of woodland management and sophistication of the operations was both impressive and daunting and the guys came away with a deeper understanding and a reminder of how precious, and potentially fragile, woodlands and timber really are as a natural resources.

Every woodland or forest is different.

There is no one size first all for forestry practice. In the world of forest and woodland management, the owners are only the stewards and the real customers are the trees.

Their environment, health and welfare are paramount and no responsible silviculturalist will ever say otherwise.

As workers of wood we understand the privilege in our role to manage the by-product of a much greater purpose, that of caring for our woodland environments.


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