This gnarly little Elm ‘lump’ is a slice taken off the round pre-milling so that the log can lay securely on the dogs (sawmill speak).

We call them cover boards.

We keep them aside and use them to cover the main boule once it’s been cut. That way we keep the whole log intact right through the drying process.  Because they sit on the outside they usually get a beating from the weather. If they’re thin they don’t survive well. If they’re chunky like this little beast then they do brilliantly.

Turns out 3 years of south downs exposure didn’t do this little board any harm.

Now it’s fully fighting fit for whatever you want to throw at it.

Turn it. Shape it. Slice it. Sand it. Straighten up the ends and give it some legs to stand on.

It’s up to you.

You’ll find it in our wood shop, (online & onsite) raring to go.

P.S. It’s item #1000773 & it’s nomically 30mm Th x 240mm W x 1.2m L in case you like the look of it.

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