The Epitome of Extraordinary Timber

May 26, 2021 | kiln dried timber, wood products

Feast your eyes folks. This is not something you’re going to see very often… 5.9m long, 1.4m wide 70mm thick prime grade Cedar boards.

Max measuring up the cedar of lebanon 70mm kiln dried waney edge

You probably know Cedar of Lebanon trees grow to enormous dimensions. You may have seen some of the big Cedar boards in our stock in the past. What’s really rare is to find boards this wide, this long, in this grade and in one piece…


Because the logistics of craning a 1.5m diameter 6m long log out of the gardens, parks, estates and arboretums these very special trees are mostly likely to grow in is usually beyond us. In truth it’s usually beyond the actual lorry crane. Yup, another rarity, a round timber lorry that can lift a weight like that!

So this week we all got a bit overexcited when Tom took delivery of some exceptionally wide, long, prime grade Cedar of Lebanon boules he recently sourced from Italy.

He and Max got these new Cedar boards measured and graded and into the system so that they’re available to select from stock and buy from the shop from today… they start at one and half Max’s wide by 3 Max’s long 😉

See for yourself…

See the new Cedar of Lebanon stock


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P.S. Look at the rack behind the Combilift stacked with 80mm Juglans Regia (that’s black walnut to you) ready to get measured and put on the shop… it’s non wood stock stop-people!

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  Max measuring up the new cedar of lebanon boards with MD Tom the italian cedar of lebanon boules are in and ready for measuring