The answer to the Ultimate Question…

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of Life, the Universe and Everything …

is blatantly not 42…  it is Oak.

Rigorous tests and trials reveal that Oak is the answer to any question I can think of to ask.

I shall illustrate…

Question: What wood smells like a mixture between coconut and vinegar when it is fresh sawn?

Answer: Oak

Question: What would be the best species of tree to sit under for a summer picnic?  

Answer: Oak

Question: What is my favourite kind of strip cladding?

Answer: Oak

Question: What was the hull of the Mary Rose built with?

Answer: Oak

See?? Oak. Fact.

I’ll let you meditate on that for a while.

The perfect place for a picnic under an Oak tree.. and it’s in Cocking! Nice picture Derek Payne…

The lady herself..

If you’d forgotten all about the ‘Hitchhikers Guide to the Universe’  Don’t Panic !

If you just want to cut to the chase and buy some Oak… start here

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