Chestnut Finger-Jointed Timber Cladding

Jun 2, 2021 | Cladding Timber, Wood Products

If you’re looking for sustainable, smooth planed, solid hardwood, timber cladding with a long length spec, that machines into any profile you can imagine (ok not any, but most of them).

T&GV air dried finger jointed chestnut cladding lo

This Chestnut is made for cladding.
That’s not hyperbole, that’s the truth.

What we stock is sourced from small section Sweet Chestnut round timber, possibly coppiced, definitely from well managed woodlands and always certified as sustainable and legally sourced.

This stock comes from rounds, sawn, converted, squared, regularised, graded, machined and glued. The result is sawn blanks in jointed lengths of prime sweet chestnut, engineered for use as cladding, ready to be moulded into the profile of your choice.

The engineering of this timber provides the opportunity for using  smaller diameter logs that might otherwise go for fencing, charcoal, chippings or pulp. The short lengths would go for waste. It allows for cutting out knots and splits which create a premium product and the result is longer lengths that are faster and easier to fit.

So all you need to do now is choose your profile, what’s it to be?

Here’s our profile library, choose your profile



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AD Chestnut cladding pack sweet chestnut finger jointed cladding showing grain details with joins lo Sweet Chestnut finger jointed cladding