Is ‘sustainable’ as simple as ‘local’?

Feb 3, 2022 | cladding timber, fresh sawn timber, Grown in Britain

This black painted Douglas Fir feather edge cladding job from a few years ago is looking very healthy.

DOUGLAS FIR featherdge cladding painted traditional black

We love the detail (a beer bottle!) added by the builder to close out the gable, very cute considering this little barn is attached to a pub.

More satisfying is that this Douglas Fir cladding came from forest a few miles from the pub and local forest workers cut it in situ on a mobile bandsaw.

This particular cladding probably travelled a maximum of 10 miles as part of our Grown in Britain supply chain.

Sometimes the sustainable answer is much closer than we think. And much easier.


Douglas Fir feather edge cladding 

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