On any given day there’s Oak on the lift truck tines in the this wide spot between the racks but… it doesn’t usually stop us in our tracks.

timber merchant sussex selecting from super long Oak boules of super prime boule to supply a prime oak cutting list

These 5m plus blue ended boules did.

Blue ended boules qualify as extraordinary in the woodgeek’s ‘how to’ manual.

So we quizzed Wayne who clearly couldn’t resist getting them down to pick from to get the skinny on how, where and what.

Turns out they’re an experiment.

Tom is trying them out to for some kitchen makers & joiners who want continuous / repeat grain across long runs of solid wood drawer fronts and cupboard doors for a handmade kitchen.

waynes pick of super prime boules for a prime oak cutting list where long is crucial for long runs of matching grain stair strings and stairmaking joinery components

That makes a lot of sense.

many of our maker customers work with interior designers on bespoke interior works. This is exactly the sort of spec that would be a challeneg from a square edge pack.

The consecutive boards in a boule mean the colour, grain and even dimensions can be easily matched and repeated. It’s the sort of material that allows an craft maker to shine.

So cabinetry it will become. Having said that it could also do a seriously incredible bespoke wide board Oak floor, but that will have to be for another time.

selecting from super prime Oak boule to supply a prime oak cutting list

So in Wayne’s opinion (very important) they were superb. He actually graded them in as Prime because in reality no entire tree / log / boule is ever going to achieve super prime as a grade because as you know…

a. trees have branches (or at least we hope they do) so there are always knots – these are pretty much excluded in super prime

b. trees have sapwood which they need to transport water and nutrients from the root to the outer limbs and leave – also excluded on at least one face for super prime.

But otherwise, he was revelling in the waney-edge perfection that these boules were offering him, which was Tom’s hope as they’re an example of what the super prime Oak square edge that we normally buy in packs would be cut from.

The question is, how will the experiment go?


The Super Prime boule stock

Watch the video about Super Prime grading