Summer holiday is over… back to work!

Sep 8, 2015 | english hardwoods

Actually, relax and put your feet up. We’ve got some videos for you…

Can you believe we have had 12,000 views of our video entitled “A Sawmill at Work” which we have had on our website home page. Not surprising given that we are now getting over 10,000 visits to our website per month!

Given the success of video as a means of explaining what we do, we have invested in developing a YouTube channel for both our Timber and Forestry businesses. We are still in the early stages of this project but we hope to collect a library of videos that we hope you will enjoy.

The first step was producing our own video introducing English Woodlands Timber! – have a peep and tell us what you think?

In an effort to explain to prospective customers what we do and how we do it we have also produced a video with Stephen Anthony Design. It is our hope prospective customers will understand why Stephen Anthony Design choose us as their supplier of timber – tell us if you think we have managed to convey this message?

Please share your video favourites with us and we will post them on our YouTube channel.

As always, thanks so much for watching and until next time…

From the gang at
English Woodlands Timber & Forestry