Structural Timber


Our stock made up of over 500 green, semi-seasoned & seasoned stock beams available for selection from our yard or online. Sections from 100 x 100mm’s to 350 x 350mm’s in regular & irregular sizes and in lengths from 1.0 to 7.0m standard and longer, including 75, 150 & 200mm thick waney edge curves for bracing.

fresn sawn oak tagged beam stock Structural oak beam stock fresh sawn and seasoned beam stock in Oak PEFC


Most of structural beam Oak is milled in France by our partner sawmills from French PEFC logs, to our specification. The semi-seasoned & seasoned stock is srouced from the same mills, who lay down stock year on year for French customers (who will only use air dried!) which means that beyond our own stock, we have a vast structural timber resource to draw from. our curve stock is  75, 150 & 200mm waney edge naturally grown in fresh sawn and seasoned.

structural beam oak stock all tagged  green and seasoned structural oak beams seasoned structural oak beam stock all tagged and online


Our structural Oak stocks are graded on request to TH2 (strength class D18) and TH1 (D24) for small sections* or THB (D24) and THA (D30) for large* sections which are standard structural grades that cover service class 2&3 (TRADA  WIS 1-17). We have two qualified graders on hand to grade timber if required. If you’re unsure about grading, call us to speak to a grader on 01730 816941.

structural oak beam stock structural seasoned and semi-seasoned beams

*Small = section area smaller than 20,000mm2 & thickness less that 100mm (Grades TH1 & TH2 apply) with the minimum for grading being an area 2000mm2 and  thickness 20mm.  Large = section area larger than 20,000mm2 & thickness of 100mm or more (Grades THA & THB apply)


Every piece of structural timber has been measured, tagged and listed on our stock system with dimensions, grade and price £/m3. This means you can select beams online without ever having to leave the comfort of your desk, your workshop or cosy van.

Use the picking list on the stock search tool (the +signs on the right) to make your choices, and then let Graham do all the hard work (good old Graham!) whilst you get on with something more pressing instead.

fresh sawn and black beams

We’ll call as soon as your beams are ready to collect or we’ll arrange delivery to site, it’s up to you.


If it’s in stock, our structural Oak is cut to order based on specific requirements and delivered on a weekly basis. We work closely with our partner sawmills to achieve the highest quality timber. this means that if we don’t have what you need in stock, you won’t be twiddling yout thumbs for long! Your order will be ready to be collected or delivered the following week**

fresh sawn structural oak

**Notwithstanding ferry strikes, blizzards, flu epidemics & the ever plentiful French Bank holiday ( & a couple of our own thrown in for good measure) our haulier is pretty good at getting your timber to us quick-sharpish on a Monday morning (thanks Alain, Sandrine & Tomasz!)


Need a quote? No problem… send us your cutting list and we’ll get back to you pronto with price and availability. If you’re just pricing, that’s fine. We’ll leave your quotes on file and we’ll call you in a month to check the project’s still live. You can come back to it anytime, and when you do need to order we’ll be bringing in a lorry every Monday morning** so as long as you’ve placed your order before the previous Wednesday pm we can usually squeeze you in!

Don’t need a quote?! Then get the Product Info

Or  how about trying the Stock Search for structural stock… or email a cutting list to

Failing that you could call us on 01730 816941 or just turn up at the yard  to  select your own beams from the yard with Graham & JCB at your beck and to do the heavy lifting…  that’s surely an offer no one resist!

If there’s anything else you need you know where to find us!

Take a look at what structural timber can do in some of our previous projects

THE ROTHSCHILD FOUNDATION with Green Oak Carpentry Co & Stephen Marshall Architects using glulam Oak for main structural gridshell

Rothschil glulam oak veneered structural grid rothschild foundation structural timber joint rothschild foundation gridshell ceiling

See the TRADA case study


THE SAVILLE GARDEN VISITOR CENTRE with Green Oak Carpentry Co, the Crown Estate & Glenn Howells Architects using homegrown Larch for the main structural gridshell

larch gridhshell for crown estate saville gardens saville gardens gridshell in homegrown larch saville gardens homegrown larch gridshell

See our Case Study


THE GRIDSHELL WORKSHOP at Singleton Open Air Museum with Green Oak Carpentry Co & Edward Cullinan Architects  using finger jointed French Oak

fresh sawn oak grdishell structural oak gridshell joint by green oak carpentry co interior of oak gridshell from green oak carpentry

See our Case Study


MORE Structural Stuff

A Google find of Structural timber building images

The Tamedia office in Zurich, a very unusual & innovative structural timber building by Shigeru Ban at

A special Google find of Shingeru Ban structural timber buildings

Time to get an education in Timber EngineeringNapier University, Edinburgh is offering scholarships for 13 MSC ‘s!

Winner of the 2013 Wood Awards Gold Prize – Bishop Edward King Chapel by Niall Mclaughlin Architects for this beautiful glulam structure

See the 2013 Wood Awards Shortlist

I could go on but you’re going to get RSI if you keep clicking these links so let’s cut to the chase….

TRADA the leading authority on wood & wood resources  & generally seen as the centre of the universe for structural timber information

There are TRADA books: Timber Frame Construction , External TImber CladdingGreen Oak in ConstructionEurocode Span Tables

There are useful TRADA Resources like: Case studies ,   Technical documents , and the  Bookshop,

For timber grading from TRADA in Timber Strength Grading & Strength ClassesStructural Use of Hardwoods

Thanks for reading, come back soon!

Got any structual timber stories you want to share? Get in touch!


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