Peter was busy sorting his Sycamore last week… he didn’t complain about it at all(!)… and whilst sorting for ripple he came across these few boards which were a nice surprise and will hopefully go to a good home


The colour is not at all true I’m afraid so if you’re a Sycamore afficionado you’ll be appalled at the tungsten yellow tinge we’ve managed to capture…  it’s on the list of things ‘to do’ here.. get Peter some new clear roof panels so we can see what colour our wood actually is!


Steve says that it’s not completely unusual to find this kind of flecking in some of the hardwoods… I hadn’t seen it before but that’s not saying much!

Strangely enough, to prove Steve’s point, the same day that Peter found these Sycamore boards a customer brought in an  Elm floorboard that needed matching  and if he hadn’t told me it was Elm I honestly would have said it was Plane…  it was much more creamy in colour than our common Elm boards and was so lacewood -y… but he was sure it was Elm.

So I guess no-one will be nominating me as a candidate for a national ‘guess the species’ competition… !

The Sycamore at Kew Acer pseudoplatanus

Whaddya Kokomo.. it’s a Sycamore

The worlds largest Sycamore

An film about the Sycamores of Tehran

A moving tribute to the power of ‘the tree’

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