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Nov 10, 2021 | furniture timber, joinery timber

Square edge or waney edge, we have boards sorted into packs of single species, single thickness to make selection easier.

chestnut waney edge live edge natural edge boards in packs for furniture making joinery and interior cladding

That’s not just for our benefit, it’s to help joiners and furniture makers get to what they need faster, and to make picking boards from stock remotely a cinch.

Pack timber is about streamlining.

When you buy square edge, for starters you don’t need to rip it down before you even start on working up a cutting list, you can jump straight into sizing your components.

If you buy mixed width packs, you get to a range to sort through to find matching widths so you waste less. If you buy fixed widths you get to pull boards as they come without measuring every bit, every time. Fixed width packs help you run a large production line with predictable waste factors, or for large volume, fixed width jobs you’re already half way there… you can feed these sawn square edge boards  straight to the moulder.

air dried french character oak packs for salecharacter french oak 27mm packs for flooring decking and timber cladding  super prime oak square edge packs showing glorious grain flatness and consistent quality

See the square edge pack stocks.

If you just prefer to work with waney edge, or perhaps your species choice is homegrown, then we have milled waney edge packs as a separate production to our boules.

We love our boules, selecting from a jam packed rack of beautiful boules is a joy. But it’s also an art. Plus there are time and cost implications. For bespoke joinery or furniture lists this process is important. But that’s not necessarily appropriate for every cutting list, especially if it is a production, manufacture rather than one off and bespoke.

Waney edge packs could make enough difference to give you a bump in margin if you can bring your workshop hours down and drop the waste factor at the same time.

To do that with waney edge you need a fixed thickness with a consistent quality, a predictable width spec and a reliable, regularised grade. This is waney edge pack territory as opposed to boules and boards.

air dried homegrown hardwoods in packs waney edge homegrown oak packs waney edge chestnut packs for flooring and timber cladding production

See the waney edge pack stocks.

We stock both in a range of species they can go under the radar if you’re not familiar with them.

We know these packs work for a busy workshop because we use them ourselves – it’s how we do it here at the woodyard, so why shouldn’t your workshop have the same facility?

If you’re constantly feeding machines you might want to take a look at taking packs rather than going down the cutting list route every time you need a supply.

We’d gladly share our experience to help you pinpoint some useful pack stocks for your production.

Just say the word. 



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