Shake it up this #GiBWeek2023

Oct 10, 2023 | certified timber, Grown in Britain, Uncategorized

Yes dear woodfans, today’s the first day of #GiBWeek2023 and we want to to shake up your wood-thinking a little with some hard facts about wood and trees.

Grown in Britain Week 2023 Landscape

So you’re working with wood, and you care where your wood comes from.

But did you know…

that the UK imports £7.8 billion of timber every year (and only China imports more wood than we do)?
the UK only has 13% woodlands cover compared to Sweden at 69%, Spain at 38% or Belgium at 23%?
and at the same time only 58% of that 13% woodland cover is being managed (which means cared for) so 42% is left neglected.

The really brutal implication of facts like these is we just won’t survive if our trees don’t thrive.

It’s clear we need to do things differently.

It’s time to shake things up!

This week Grown in Britain are celebrating the work that’s been happening to create positive change in the forestry and timber industries.

They’re looking to the next generation working with wood and trees, prompting discussions on how we’ll secure our future.

Are you the next generation they’re talking about?
What could you do differently?

What would change about your #workwithwood if you chose homegrown timber with #growninbritain certification?

We’re not sure. But joining in the discussion is a great start.
Grown in Britain need to hear your voice.
We all do.

SO, hop onto your favourite medium of social connection and give @growninbritain a follow – on Linked in, on Twitter, on Instagram, on Facebook  or on Youtube – listen to what they have to say, start talking about your future with trees and wood..

We’ll see you there 🙂


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