It’s French, it’s Oak, it’s Summer & it’s a Deal!

Jul 8, 2013 | air dried timber, english hardwoods, furniture timber, joinery timber, kiln dried timber

We’ve got waney edge, we’ve got square edge, we’ve got flooring and sleepers, all in beautiful rich French Oak.  

From Monday the 8th of July until Friday the 30th of August the following deals are yours for the taking…  until there’s no more to take!

So what’s actually on the menu? Let’s have a look.

Begin at the beginning with THE STARTERS

We have a serving of French Character Oak Flooring with a drizzle of 10% off when you order 50m2 or more.

What does that really mean?  Well, the 130mm wide stock is usually £33/m2 +Vat but from the 8th of July until the 30th of August you can get it for £30/m2. That’s enough to give a minimum of £150 + VAT off which is not to be sneezed at!

Character Oak stock floor detail - FLOORING OAK french FLR.Flooring

A & B grade (the best!) Air dried French Oak Sleepers , weathered  & seasoned  so they look like they’ve been in your garden forever. No waiting 2 years for that lovely silvered Oak look… they’re done, ready to lay for retaining walls, steps, pathways and features and available in three sizes, all at 25% off until the 30th of August.

For example:  the medium size 130 x 220 x 2.65m A grade sleepers,usually £22.31+VATeach  are now £16.73+VAT each. That’s one FREE sleeper for every three you buy!

L.fresh sawn chestnut sleepers in yard  sleepers 130 x 220 x 2.6 85 no A Grade in stock Fresh Sawn Oak sleepers for landscaping and groundworks

 Moving swiftly on…  we have THE MAIN COURSE.

The meat and potatoes.  The bread and butter.  The King, the Queen & the court jester all rolled into one….  Yes, you guessed it, it’s Waney Edge Board.

Ok, lets look at the French Waney Edge Oak. We’ve got all the thicknesses from 27mm right through to 120mm. Actually that’s not right… we don’t have 100mm, but who needs it when you’ve got 120! So, what’s the DEAL? Well, when you buy 5 boards or more, it’s 20% off 27mm – 54mm  and it’s 10% off 65mm – 120mm.

For example: a board 54mm thick x 570mm wide x 5.2m long is usually £259.93 +VAT  & whilst the sale is on it’s £185.41 +VAT…  that’s a pretty good price (about £32.80/ft3!)

waney edge Oak

But that’s not all, the 18mm French Depareille Oak (lovely wide traditional panel-making boards) is 10% off when you buy 10ft3 (0.283m3) or more.

For example: It means that £320+VAT worth of superb 18mm Oak board becomes £288+VAT. This just means there’s a lot more meat in the pie for you…  and that’s what this is all about.

more kiln dried French waney edge Oak including the 18mm stock

 You still want DESSERT after all that?

Oh alright then.

To finish, you have the option of two tasty little gems. Two packs of French Character Oak Square Edge in 54mm. It’s as simple as that really. Easy to handle, minimum waste, wonderful character, mixes with all the French and English stock really well and offered at a special price to clear.

It was £1265/m3 +VAT ( so £35.82/ft3) but now it’s £1050/m3+VAT (or £29.73/ft3 to us old schoolers) which is nearly 20% off until the 30th of August.

square edge character oak

So there it is.  Now are you hungry?

If you know what you want get on the phone 01730 816941 to Steve & Chris or email or use the enquiry form and make your requirements known!