A Day in the Life of a Sawmill

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We sent photographer Augustus Farmer up to watch our good friend Stephen of Helmdon Sawmill run our recently sourced parcel of homegrown Oak through his well oiled and ever hungry Stenner Bandsaw. We wish we’d done it sooner…

english oak logs lined up on the rollers for sawing. cocking sawmills first bandsaw cut of an english oak log from well managed sustainable woodlands  sawing oak logs ay Helmdon sawmill to make boules for furniture making and joinery a beautiful character oak log goes through the band mill at Helmdon showing beautiful colouring and lovely sound knots the first cut cover board comes off as the character oak log goes through the stenner bandsaw at Helmdon we start to see the beautiful character grain colour and knots in this excellent english oak board that will soon be air drying at cocking sawmills as waney edge boards come off the bandsaw they fall to the rollers and get picked up and laid together to be made into boules the board stack at Helmdon sits on a sprung table that allows the sawmill operatives to stay upright whilst working  boards being taken off the bandsaw at helmdon sawmill to make waney edge boules of english oak for Cocking sawmill eyes measure and gloved hands adjust fresh sawn waney edge english oak boards to make the perfect boule stack the log grab lays our english oak logs on the bandsaw rollers ready for easy access to the 12ft bandsaw blade logs lie in wait at helmdon as Stephen works his way through one english oak log at a time on the stenner the stenner bandsaw makes light work of these pretty character oak logs perfect for furniture making or bespoke solid wood flooring every waneyedge ak board that comes off the mill is checked over and stack correct face up for future sticking down at cocking sawmills centre boards coming off an english oak log on helmdon's spritely and well oiled machine driven by a true artisan sawmill looking closely at an waney oak board falling away from the log on a stenner bandsaw at Helmdon sawmill a beautiful cut by artisan sawmiller stephen at helmdon, the heart of british hardwood sawmilling gloved hands much boards into perfect stacks as they fall off the bandsaw onto the rollers the last few cuts to gofer this english oak furniture making log superb character english oak boards slide like fresh cut butter off of the perfectly saw doctored bandsaw blade at helmdon sawmill turning over prime english oak boards as they come off the bandsaw at helmdon sawmill gloved hands pull natural edge boards off the bandsaw rollers and onto the stack gorgeous flat fresh sawn oak waney edge boards stacked up as they come off the sawmill at helmdon sawmilling done the forklift takes the completed oak packs ready for strapping and transport back to cocking sawmill

Photographs by Augustus Farmer Photography for English Woodlands Timber Ltd

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