Oak – Beyond Prime there is Super Prime

Feb 20, 2019 | flooring timber, Furniture Timber, Joinery Timber, kiln dried timber

Super Prime is a term that indicates a grade ‘above’ Prime.

In truth, technically Super Prime hasn’t been documented or normalised as a timber grade in the UK and isn’t a scientifically recognised term. It’s a description we use of a grade that goes above and beyond normal Prime Oak timber qualities and requirements.

What to expect:

Super Prime is a selection of the most pristine, most clear and evenly honey coloured, usually Eastern European, Prime Oak you will ever see. I think we’ve called it ‘relentlessly clean’ before and that about sums it up.

Knots aren’t strictly excluded but if you see one it’ll be small and only visible on one face. The other face will undoubtedly be clear. In Super Prime Oak there will not be a lot of grain pattern. There will not be a lot of variation of anything. No dark colouring, bark pockets, wild grain, splits, cracks or shakes. A higher proportion of Quarter Sawn boards. There may be a lot of very flat, very straight boards.

Suggested uses:

If you have a large run of Oak doors and you need them all to look and behave the same, use Super Prime. A quiet, understated solid wood for an interior surface use Super Prime. Simple elegance with embodied strength and durability for a feature staircase use Super Prime.

Although it’s a little hard for us to admit,  Super Prime Oak has superior qualities that cannot be replicated by other grades or timber species. For this we are grateful as it is a pleasure to work with, a pleasure to select from and a thrill to see it in situ in a customer project.

Our Stocks:

Our packs are stocked in thicknesses of 27, 32, 40, 50, 65, 80 and 100mm. They are usually mixed width and mixed length but this is dependent on stocks at the time of enquiry! Boards can be self-selected both individually or in bulk.