The Timber You Need Is Never Too Far Away

Jul 1, 2021 | the timber rack

When the Timber Rack’s more than a day trip away…

Don’t sweat it.

You have as much access to the wood stock – arguably more – from your workbench or armchair as you would from here, on site.

That’s because there’s a search engine on our website that will search all our stock by species, by grade, by timber type, by use,  or even by dimension.

You can see way more wood in 5 minutes browsing the stocklist than you ever could in your steel toe caps on site in the Timber Rack. Then you either make a picking list or a basket and buy your wood online.

Then you can come and pick it up if you want, or we can delivery it to any location nationwide or internationally, we’re not shy about packing and shipping.

The Timber Rack at our woodyard is open from Monday to Friday from 10am to 4pm, it’s a place where you’re welcome to browse the boards, get as many splinters as you like as long as you wear your safety boots, your safety mask (covid), you sanitise your hands and you keep a decent distance from other woodfolks going about their wood-browsing business.

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